Sunday, February 22, 2015


I visited a childhood friend recently and it made me so happy to reminisce with her! Hello Kitty turned 40 this year, although technically she never ages! She's basically every one's favorite furry, feline vampire! This exhibit held in her honor at the Japanese American Natural Museum was a fabulous mix of old and new. The first level was a walk through Hello Kitty's beginning and all the wonderful things Sanrio created and the second level focused on art inspired by Hello Kitty. Literally, people painted her, sculptured her, made movies about her and drew her like "one of their french girls." It was a whimsical afternoon full of color and super Kawaii fun!  It was purr-fect!

Gary Baseman x Hello Kitty

Tokidoki hieroglyphics
Dress: SUNO NY  Purse: Saint Laurent Shoes: Chanel

Bandana: Saint Laurent
Who wouldn't want to wear this Liberty-print suit?
All aboard, Paul Frank's Kitty submarine! 

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  1. Recent times when net has so often gossip mongering and clog; your proportion really refreshes me.
    Hello Kitty