Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I found some of my mom's scarfs while cleaning out my closet the other day and was thrilled they survived. Hermes, Louis Vuitton and more, oh my! Luckily, they came at a time where I needed inspiration. For my friend's birthday, I chose the hunting themed Hermes scarf and decided to wear it as a top. It was pretty simple, I took two corners and tied it tightly around my neck and the other two corners in the back. Instantly, I felt like the Huntsman's sidekick/mistress, sorry Snow White. I completed the look with my Charlotte Olympia pouch (from her new Fairy Tale collection) and my favorite Louboutin boots. Since the scarf itself can lean into old-lady territory, I wore Rag & Bone's Hyde jeans to "rock'n'roll-it-up."

Vintage Hermes Scarf,  Charlotte Olympia Wolf Pouch, Christian Louboutin Jimmynetta Booties, Rag & Bone Hyde Jean  in Coal
Wolf vs. Wolf