Monday, February 23, 2015


       I've been a fan of Alexa Chung for a while now. Her style is so chic and for the lack of a better word, cool. I especially love the way she adds a sense of retro-flair to anything she wears (i.e. cat eye) and the way she pairs things together (it is beyond!) When I heard that AG Jeans was collaborating with Alexa Chung, I anxiously awaited its arrival. It came as no surprise to me that when it first landed, it sold out quickly on every site. Even with everything selling out quickly, I weighed my opinions carefully, debating on which piece I would purchase. I'm new to denim (beyond the realm of jeans and shorts) and though I respect and admire Alexa Chung's style, I knew I couldn't pull of every "denim" piece she created. For the somewhat pricey price tag, I wanted to be smart and get something that would last a long time in my closet. 
The first dress below was a little bit beyond my normal style choices and I think what grabbed my attention was the nod to the 60's and the utterly sweetness it possesses with its babydoll form and skinny bow. When I saw Alexa wearing it with a fuzzy leopard coat, I knew that this dress could be versatile. It could be boho, it could be retro, it could be fashionable, it could be western...etc, etc.
The second dress was easy and an easy introduction to denim dresses! I've been eye off the shoulder dresses, especially those with some sort of ruffles. This dress is so easy to wear and perfect for a breezy, summer day. 

Dress: The Julie

Dress: The Honey 

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