Monday, February 23, 2015


Following my lovely visit to Hello Kitty, I ventured over to the Louis Vuitton exhibit on Highland. It was a scorching hot day in town, I'm talking "sweating before you even walk" hot. The minute I stepped through the doors, I was greeted by the neon glow of the famous LV,  and somehow, in the glow of it all, I was transported into a world of "coolness." The show balanced history, today and the future all in one space. I have to say, not only was the art wonderful to gaze at (you'd be amazed at how much time and detail goes into every single thing) but the crowds were inspiring as well. Maybe it was the fashionable names that came attached with this exhibit but everyone was dressed to the nines; flashing their sense of style as quick as the pulsating videos in the show. There was even a class field trip going on! I mean, how cool is that? Probably the thing that topped the whole day was seeing a fuzzy face poking out of a cobalt blue Hermes Birkin. That alone made me want to hurry home to go see my own furry baby. 

Dress: Vintage JAX dress Purse: Mark Cross Shoes: Charlotte Olympia It's Knot You sandals

Second favorite thing? The free sticker wall with Louis Vuitton branded items reflecting the latest collection.