Tuesday, July 30, 2013


   I went and saw the Helmut Newton show at the Annenberg Space the other week with my mother. Titled White Women Sleepless Nights Big Nudes, the show was very intimate with a small collection of photos and two films about Newton (one by his wife.) My favorite were the shots of the models fully clothed next to shots of them nude in the exact same pose. He truly had a way when it came to showing off a woman's body. He knew just the right thing to make it sexy but not too vulgar.  I loved the stories that were told by the people who worked alongside him that later became models for him. Newton saw something in them, maybe it was their legs or the way they held themselves and was able to turn these women into high fashion models like Cindy Crawford. To have that technical, imaginative eye and to know that this person would work in a shot must be wonderful. There's a scene in the film made by his wife where they are comparing two shots of a model in lingerie. In one, the model is fully aware of the camera and posed. In the second, she is blinking creating a layer of flirtatious mystery. They decide to use the "accident" shot in which she is blinking because it is more fascinating. This opened my eyes--why must a photo be completely perfect? A shot of a woman blinking may generate more feelings within you than one that is staged. It's just a reminder that beauty is not always expected. I suggest if you live in Los Angeles, to check out the show.
   It was a very hot, sunny day in town so I dressed in my newest summer addition--an Alexander Wang knit dress I got on their website sale. I paired it with my YSL Muse purse and Tory Burch nude sandals. It's a pretty relaxed outfit but I felt well put together.


Alexander Wang Stripe Knit Dress, Tory Burch Nude Sandals. 

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