Tuesday, July 30, 2013


    I'm sorry for the delay in posts--I've been terribly sick. Last week, I went to a glassjaw concert with my husband at the Echoplex in LA. It was our first time there--pretty neat venue except for the fact that whenever music was playing, it felt as though your insides were dancing. It's not the place to go if you're seeing a mosh-pit inducing band unless you like being smashed up against a wall and various men brushing up against you like they're huge, wet cats. We managed to get a few shots of my outfit before the doors opened. We just pulled in the red and starting shooting.
   Continuing my love affair with lingerie-turned-dresses, I wore my Ann Deulemeester slip with a Helmut Lang black tank dress underneath. (Helmut Lang is one of my favorite labels to shop for classic pieces.) I also wore my favorite pair of ankle boots by Balenciaga and my Botkier crossbody.  I brought along a Zara blazer I got on sale earlier this year. It's made of light fabric so it's really just for fun, not for warmth but it helps if you just need a little extra protection from air conditioning or breeze.

Zara Blazer, Balenciaga Ankle Boots and Botkier Crossbody

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