Sunday, October 27, 2013


For our annual Halloween party, I was inspired by Salem, MA and witches. "The Witch" is probably one of the most common Halloween costumes and why wouldn't it be? Who wouldn't want to be a beautiful, powerful and magical being? The costume is normally comprised of the usual suspects: pointy hat, broom and a combination of purple/black in. Some go the traditional route of warty and green while others try to sex it up. I wanted to do something more realistic, an ode to Salem times and the hangings that occurred (I used my hair as a noose) with a bit of modern flair. I don't think the witches of Salem would've worn Christian Louboutin booties but then again, they were known to push the envelope. 

MAKEUP: SMASHBOX Icon eyeshadow palette, MAC lipstick in Cherish and Underworld,  Anna Sui black lipstick and MAC lip liner in Night moth
Vintage JAX dress, Christian Louboutin Pony Hair boots.

Seeing the future with a vintage Cartier crystal ball.

 Pamela Love Mini Pentagram Cuff, Ayaka Nishi 4 Rib Spine ring, Claw ring and Cartier Love wedding band.  

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