Tuesday, October 15, 2013


      I've known Ashley from "The Little Black Coffee Cup" for a couple years now
and she's become one of my dearest friends. Recently,  she came up to me with the idea of doing a blog collab. I was so honored that she wanted to team up with me especially since I'm definitely not a coffee connoisseur, in fact the closest I've gotten to drinking coffee is the Kona Coffee yogurt at Yogurtland! However, if there's anything I've learned from "The Little Black Coffee Cup " blog is that coffee, along with being a morning/day/night companion and social spot, is now an art form. Realizing that, made it less intimidating to collaborate with her. The plan was to pick a cafe and I would dress according to the surroundings. After much debate, we finally chose Alfred Coffee & Kitchen. The place is warm, quirky and homey. I was attracted to the use of different textures and style. The stark white tiles paired with the English garden rose wallpaper, the dark, rich wood surrounding the light tile, all of it screams "come for coffee, stay for comfort!" If I was decorating a house, I'd take inspiration from here. The namesake of Alfred and his mysterious, chic 'stache is apparent throughout the cafe (cup holders, stickers and Cult Gaia headbands with printed 'staches are a few examples.) 
   After taking a quick walk through Alfred, we decided to have lunch outside on the patio. Ashley  enjoyed a nice cup of joe or nice cup of "Alfred," I should say while I "wolfed" down a freshly made  avocado-mozzarella sandwich. It was a sunny day--not too hot, not too cold with a slight breeze that rustled through the trees and ivy like whispers, luring us to visit the surrounding stores. During our lunch, Ashley asked several questions regarding my fashion history which made me think, recalling forgotten outfits and styles from the past. With Ashley, things come easy. Maybe it's her soft spoken
voice, angelic face or the way she poses questions casually as if we're discussing the weather. Whatever the case, being with her is always enjoyable and so relaxed. 

       I decided to dress like a female Alfred--a mix between speakeasy/burlesque hostess and NYC gentleman. As suggested by Ashley, I chose pieces from neighboring stores such as Equipment. I chose my favorite jean brand, Rag & Bone, as a nod to the brand and cafe (their uniforms are designed by the label.) My tapered hands collar by Vivetta collar is a good representation of cafe and coffee drinking. After all, you need two to enjoy one! To "top" off my outfit, I brought along my vintage collapsible top hat, Mark Cross boxy purse and my first pair of Louboutins (I got them when I turned 16.)

Vintage Top Hat, Equipment Hunter Tuxedo Blouse, Vivetta Collar, Rag & Bones Jodhpur jeans, Louboutin heels.

      I love Melrose Place! What a pleasant stretch of street: tree lined sidewalks with gorgeous stores designed to be like boutiques, hidden down hallways covered in ivy. The hustling sounds of LA seem to lessen on these blocks, leaving the air lighter and full of nature sounds. The shopkeepers lounge in the doorways and greet you with smiles. I don't blame them for smiling, they're in a slice of European paradise.

   The call of the whispering vines proved successful and we found ourselves inside the beautiful Equipment store. All the colors of the rainbow in silky blouse form, sit front and center in the main window. I felt like saying, "How much is the blouse in the window, the one with the gorgeous hue?" (to the tune of the "Puppy in the Window.") In the end, I was drawn to two blouses: one with crescent gold moons and a Dalmatian PJ set. 

Mark Cross Grace purse, Hermes Wallet, Vivetta Collar, Make Up Forever Lipstick and Lip Pencil in 9/9C

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     Ashley from The Little Black Coffee Cup was a easy, quick photographer who knew what she wanted. This confidence certainly shows in her simple, gorgeous photos and elegant writing style on her blog. Here's to our next adventure!

8459 Melrose Place
Los Angeles, CA 90069
  • 323.330.8889

Photo Credit: The Little Black Coffee Cup along with some of my own from Instagram, etc.

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