Wednesday, September 18, 2013


   Last Sunday, my husband and I had to venture out of our comforts by the foggy sea and into Canyon Country (where summer is still alive and kicking) for our friends' birthday party. This particular dress has been in my closet for several years now, I think eight to be exact. I purchased it at the time because I admired how casual the girl at Marc Jacob wore it. She wore it with shorts and a pair of scuffed up Converses. She looked fashionable and cool and I wanted to replicate that look but I could never find the guts to actually wear it. The dress screams "celebration" and "fun" so I thought it would be appropriate to bring it out for a birthday and I have to tell you, despite the 96 degree heat, I felt pretty damn cool.

Marc by Marc Jacob navy dress 

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  1. You look beautiful Jackie!!!!! Love the dress - and the way it plays with sheer & solid contrasting! Beautiful! xoxoxo